About Us


This company was set up in April 1984; its founders Roberto O. Montepeluso and Orlando L. Berlanga had been already working in the graphic industry for 10 years when they decided to provide their ideas and working style a place and name: OESTE ARGENTINO S.R.L.
At first Oeste Argentino was dedicated to books, magazines, flyers, boxes and labels printing but in the year 1998, based on a market research, the company decided to focus its expertise on premium wine labels.
Striving for the best quality, in 1998 Oeste Argentino devoted its efforts to obtain ISO 9002-1994 quality certification. This empowered the company to control its procedures, reduce its costs as well as enhance its production.
In order to refine processes and produce results that are far above the industry standards, in the year 2004 the company signed agreements with the main European producer of  papers for wine label industry (Fedrigoni Group) and began to import uncoated papers which amazed everyone due to their beauty and excellent performance in labeling machines. In this way, it was possible to dress premium wine bottles with exclusive papers which are used worldwide.
In 2006 the company got ISO 9001-2001 certification. It also invested in the latest technology and it trained and updated its human resources providing them with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in Fundación Gutenberg, a highly qualified center of Graphic Art in Mendoza.
In 2009 Oeste Argentino acquired the machine ‘Gallus EM280’, one of the few the country counts with.
Each venture is proof of our dedication to improve our work, that is the reason why leading wineries trust in us.

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