Digital Prepress

The main pre-press process involves the digital design to prepare the document that will be printed.
The usual course of action is the following:
  • The document is created by an author, graphic designer or other member of the creative staff,
  • Then, the document is sent to pre press where a professional examines  the document and it undergoes several stages, including:
    • Checking misspellings or typos 
    • Ensuring the proper format for pictures and other graphics
    • Splitting colors for printing, from 2 to 4 colors
    • Checking all fonts are correct
    • Checking the layout and the overall assembly, including margins and paper size.

Finally the document is edited and ready for printing. The printing plate is created and a sample copy is printed. This sample copy is usually checked by the pre press staff and if it is right, the document can be printed.

This process has become much easier with the advent of computers graphic design or desktop publishing. Nowadays, it is very usual just one person performs the task that previously used to require several. In some companies, this work is done by the graphic design department itself together with the typesetting process.


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