In Oeste Argentino S.R.L. sustainability is part of our daily actions. Due to the nature of our business, the performance of all begins by assuming a fundamental commitment to society, which is reflected in our business mission of delivering an essential and quality service to customers, helping to improve the quality of the people who live in this area. planet.

With our activity we seek to generate value and progress for the country. We believe in sustainable development hand in hand with the environment, the community and our collaborators.

Our company is directly linked to the sustainability of its Groups that interact around us in various aspects. On the one hand, the company is a provider of a service for the food industry, such as consumable labels, whose continuity and quality have direct impacts on people’s quality of life and on the country’s development.

On the other hand, its relationship with the communities and the environment is an indissoluble part of its management as the operation of the company, from the management and use of the different inputs or processes, to the disposal of waste, requires processes that have a direct impact. or indirectly the sustainability of people.

Finally, the continuity and quality of our products depends on a positive and growing value relationship with your workers. This implies security, training, job benefits, professional career, among other things.

Unlike other services, the management of a printing service includes an essential element in the sustainability of the country’s development, so aligning the aforementioned factors requires the direct participation of senior management and all the levels that manage the business.

Social responsibility is present in every act we carry out because we know that we bring life to more than 45 million people, being participants in their development and well-being.

Our resources or supplies are fully controlled aligned with the environment. The papers we use as a support to print labels:


The Fedrigoni Group is vitally aware of the importance of water resources and, consequently, is always determined to adopt measures that help reduce consumption.

In papermaking, after pulp, water is such an essential element that it is considered a raw material on a large scale. Between 2013 and 2018, Fedrigoni reduced its chemical oxygen demand (COD) by 23%, so measuring the presence of biodegradable substances in the water used in production provides a quality indicator.


Pulp is the main raw material used to make paper. Fedrigoni adheres to the Code of Ethics of the European paper industry and uses exclusively pulp from forests managed in accordance with internationally recognized and regulated sustainable forestry schemes, especially FSC®, both in terms of traceability (Chain of Custody2) and of controlled origin wood (Controlled Wood3).


Over the years, the Group has expanded its presence in new markets and acquired new production facilities. At the same time, thanks to the constant focus on the environment and the use of the best production techniques and technologies, Fedrigoni managed to reduce CO2 emissions progressively and significantly, especially in the last 6 years, by more than 7%


Our polymers, unlike common, are processed in water. We eliminate solvents and carcinogenic gases that constantly harm the environment.

TOYOBO Group also recognizes the serious risk that global warming and climate change pose to continuing business activities, and we are constantly reducing greenhouse gases to achieve our emission reduction targets.

In the years to come, we will expand our focus beyond production to our general business activities as we strive to contribute to environmental sustainability through our products and solutions. In this way, we will strive to reduce greenhouse gases from an even more long-term perspective.

We will try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities through measures such as switching to natural gas in our factories and improving production efficiency, as well as introducing renewable energy such as solar energy.


With respect to the initiatives we participate in through our products and solutions, we are developing and increasing sales of engineering plastics, which help reduce CO2 emissions from automobiles due to their lower weight and better fuel economy.

We are also developing products that contribute to carbon recycling, by viewing CO2 as a carbon resource and collecting it for reuse as various carbon compounds.


Lead free with a very small% that does not collect against the environment.

We protect your print products and our environment. We passionately protect your print products, just as we protect our environment and climate. Every day we are defending your protection. What is more important? We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and processes for ecological production.

We are in constant contact with our suppliers and customers to improve even more. Therefore, we make sure to meet all the requirements for our raw materials and our products. We do not lose sight of sustainability and environmental protection: they play a vital role in our planning and development.

We offer an environmentally friendly alternative to hot and cold stamping: our POLAR coatings (WESSCO® POLAR and BRIVIO® POLAR). A finish with our POLAR coatings reduces aluminum foil waste significantly while being easier to recycle at the same time.

UV curing coatings like our WESSCO® product line generally do not contain volatile organic compounds or chlorinated polyphenyls.

If they are used in the food industry for food packaging, they also do not contain benzophenone, 4-methylbenzophenone and bisphenol-A. Our unique EPPI® photoinitiator technology ensures maximum safety for food packaging, which we consider sustainability. We use 5% biogas to operate our facilities.

Biogas is extracted from the fermentation of waste material and waste gas and is even more environmentally friendly than petroleum gas. The use of biogas has already reduced our carbon footprint. ACTEGA Schmid Rhyner AG accepts responsibility for the environment and society. We work every day to achieve our goals, constantly monitoring our progress.